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A lot of you were asking where I can buy some of the products I use.  I am in Rochester NY area, so I go to

Here is a recent post from a consultant for JR Watkins, they have amazing spices and I am really starting to use a lot of their product:
The new Single Packet Seasoning have been a real hit so far!  While I was at the Palmyra Canal Town Days in September, Kathy Rowe, from Macedon, came in and ordered some of the new Seasoning Packets. They were not available for retail yet, but I mailed them to her as soon as they arrived. She ordered some of  the Taco Seasoning, Chili Seasoning, Brown Gravy, and Turkey Gravy. A couple of weeks later I e-mailed her to see what she thought of them and this was her response: “I actually just used it tonight.  I took chicken and put it in the crockpot with a cup of apple cider and 2 packets of the taco mix, I used 6 bone in breasts. Yummm it is delicious. Very flavorful.” She then made chicken salad out of the leftovers. As it turns out Kathy has a Food Blog check it out at www.foodblogusa.com  where she recently posted a Taco Salad recipe using both JR Watkins Taco Mix, and Chili Seasoning.  Thanks Kathy!!

The Many Uses of Cinnamon Sticks

1) Add to coffee or Tea – break a cinnamon stick and add to your tea or coffee with honey. 2) Add a whole stick to rice – Add the stick to the rice as you boil the rice. When cooked it will give off a great cinnamon scent and flavor. 3) Make a Face or Foot Wash – Blend some Cinnamon powder (not to fine), mix with some Olive Oil and Sugar and you’ll have a powerful anti-oxidant face wash that will leave your skin nice and soft. 4) Flavored Water – Add one Cinnamon stick to a pot of water on medium heat and bring it to a slow boil, add a slice of orange and take it to work. It’s a great refreshing drink.
JR Watkins Cinnamon Sticks  $6.98/Jar Order Some Today!

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Check out these places to:

Lombardi’s Gourmet Imports & Specialties

124 N Main St Fairport, NY 14450 (585) 388-1330

I am pretty sure they ship out but you can call and ask.

I buy my specialty vinegars from them as well as the chicken sausage and all the homemade rolls I use in my recipes.  I also use a lot of their pasta.  The people there are so friendly, full of ideas and I feel like I am back home in Jersey with all my Italian friends feeding me!  Check them out and again call to see if they ship out. They are Awesome…


I also buy a lot of my cheddars from

Heluva Good Cheese Country Store

6152 Barclay Rd

Sodus, NY 14551

(315) 483-2223

I know for sure they ship out, they have fresh cheese on hand all the time, super yummy and great prices.
I buy all my meats from my favorite butcher:
102 Fairport Village Lndg Fairport, NY 14450 (585) 377-5360
So this is where I go to start my creations, always fresh, always good prices and the staff is starting to know who I am and what I am looking for.  Friendly and knowledgeable about their products….. 
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